The TGFC will provide CTEHR investigators with streamlined and cost effective access to a program that will support the generation of genetically engineered (and validated) model systems for environmental health sciences research. By making available the expertise necessary to develop these models, by applying economies of scale to their production and validation and by leveraging the resources already available within the participating institutions, the TGFC serves as a resource to all the thematic components of the CTEHR.

The goal of the Targeted Genomics Facilities Core is to make available to CTEHR investigators sophisticated model systems, genetically engineered mice and genetically modified human cell lines, that can be used by to test the novel concepts generated by the rich repertoire of research technologies available through the CTEHR Cores Program.

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Peter Davies MD, PhD
Peter Davies MD, PhDAlkek Chair and Professor and Director of the Center for Translational Cancer Research,
TAMHSC Institute of Biosciences and Technology


Ben Morpurgo, PhD
Ben Morpurgo, PhDExecutive Director of the Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine
Texas A&M AgriLife Research
  1. Basic Pronuclear Injection
  2. Pronuclear Injection of CRISPR/CAS9 and TALEN
  3. Blastocyst Injection/Chimera Production
  4. Sperm Cryopreservation
  5. Embryo Cryopreservation
  6. Rederivation via IVF
  7. Embryo Transfer
  8. Colony Expansion/Maintenance
  9. Gene Targeting via Homologous Recombination (Constitutive or Conditional)
  10. ES cell Electroporation and Screening
  11. Knockout Mice from Repository
  12. Gene Trapped ES cells from Repository
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